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Dark Spot Corrector Special Treatment Set

An essential collection of three of Swissvita's bestsellers to begin the skin's journey towards luminous complexion.  Using exclusive DNA-repairing ingredients, Botanics AC-11 ® and more to achieve smoother and softer skin without unsightly dark spots. It also includes the favorite anti-aging serum for an amazing firm experience. Used together, skin becomes significantly clearer, firmer, and more radiant.


Each Set Contains:

  • Dark Spot Corrector 0.5 oz
  • Anti-Aging Serum 1.76 oz
  • Facial Cleanser 3.5 oz 


How To Use: 

For best results, start by applying Facial Cleanser to cleansed skin. Continue with  Dark Spot Corrector applying on the areas you need. Finished by applying Anti-Aging Serum on your whole face to get the luminous complexion.


Features & Benefits: 

Dark Spot Corrector - AC-11 Skincare Formulated with AC-11® and Vitamin B12 for accelerated skin repair and collagen production
Dark Spot Corrector - Aluminum sealed package Skincare

Aluminum sealed packaging to prolong the potent effects of ingredients

Dark Spot Corrector - Non-greasy and Potent Formula

Easily absorbed and non-greasy moisturizing formula penetrates deep into the skin

Dark Spot Corrector - Risk Free

Additive-free. Alcohol-free. Sulfate-free. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.

Dark Spot Corrector - Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Botanics Ingredients - Dark Spot Corrector

dark spot ingredient ac-11
dark spot ingredient tea tree
dark spot ingredient vitamin c
dark spot ingredient fruit extract

Botanics Ingredients - Anti Aging Serum

anti aging serum ingredient ac-11
anti aging serum ingredient kernel butter
anti aging serum ingredient tranexamic acid
anti aging serum ingredient pigmentation
anti aging serum ingredient sodium hyaluronate
anti aging serum ingredient honey extract

Botanics Ingredients - Facial Cleanser 

cleanser ingredient ac-11
cleanser ingredient tea tree
cleanser ingredient vitamin c
cleanser ingredient fruit extract

Dark Spot Corrector Using Instructions

swissvita how to use serum 1
swissvita how to use serum 2
swissvita how to use serum 3
swissvita how to use serum 4
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