Swissvita brand story

Swissvita's story began 10 years ago in 2007 between two skincare labs who successfully combined the essence of European beauty with technological innovations of Asia. The concept was to create a skincare range that didn’t just hide the signs of aging but reversed it and so, every Swissvita product is created to help you bring out your natural radiance and beauty. We achieve this by using a natural extract known as AC-11 ®. What's more, we’ve seen visible results from people who've used our products in reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines 1.

The inspiration to use AC-11 ® came from Dr. Ronald W. Pero discovery and more than 30 years of research into this highly potent plant-based extract. This research was then re-engineered and combined with multiple other potent vitamins and ingredients to develop the Swissvita skin care range. We believe in the power of nature and our products are full of natural ingredients to help you with your skincare.

Because we believe in our products, we don’t hide behind any colorful and flamboyant packaging. Our packing is very simple because we believe the product should speak for itself, we also ensure unnecessary ingredients 2 aren’t added, ensuring our formulation is effective and easily absorbed. All Swissvita’s serums are sealed in aluminum to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure active ingredients stay potent during your use of the product.

Swissvita remains a small company, dedicated to quality and excellent customer care. Swissvita’s refund policy is simple and provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee should you not be happy with any of the Swissvita products. As a result, every communication you’ll receive is from our small dedicated customer service team.

If you’d like any further information about us, send us a message or contact us via Live Chat.

1Results are dependent on skin type and application, visible results could take up to 2 weeks to show
2Our products are free of additives, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and sulfates.

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