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AC-11 Nature's Secret to Beautiful Skin AC-11 Nature's Secret to Beautiful Skin AC-11 Nature's Secret to Beautiful Skin
Safe, all natural and water soluble AC-11® is a bioactive rainforest plant extract that helps the body to repair sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA, and slow down the process of skin aging. Derived from an indigenous plant only located in the Amazon rainforest, this natural product is the only known plant extract that has proven to help our skin's natural regeneration process.
Skincare | AC-11 Rejuvinate Skincare | AC-11 Rejuvinate
Rejuvenate Your Skin
Say good bye to blemishes, dark sports, and hello to a softer, brighter looking skin The stress of working, families and exposure to the sun can damage the skin, leaving it with blemishes, dark spots and skin that looks aged. AC-11® comes to your defence, boosting your skins own natural regeneration process by activating key enzymes that rebuild our DNA. What it can do for you:
Reduce the appearance of dark sports and circles
Get healthier, softer looking skin, that looks natural and younger
Brighten your complexion, leaving your skin energized and hydrated
Skincare | AC-11 Miracle
AC-11® Miracle of the Amazon Rainforest
AC-11 is an all-natural ingredient that is derived from the inner bark of a vine, known as Uncaria tomentosa, which is indigenous to the Amazon. This ingredient has been supported by over 40 scientific studies. Within the research, it's been found that AC-11® helps the body repair from oxidative stress and exposure to the sun's UV rays DNA. What does AC11® do:
Reactivates dormant cellular enzymes key to cell regeneration and repair
Boosts production of Collagen 3 that creates softer, smoother skin
Normalizes the expression of proteins (NF-κB) in the cells, reducing inflammation
Skincare | AC-11 Miracle

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