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Our Story

Swissvita is inspired by the philosophy of Europe and its concise and flawless concepts. Our products are developed with the utmost care and perfection, and our goal is to create innovative products that will help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Every Swissvita product is created to help you feel self-confident and attractive.
Swissvita products are made in France by our partner Laboratoires Sérobiologiques. Together with France's top biotech laboratory team, we’ve set out to intelligently perfect skin care. To deliver the results in a simple, safe, and effective manner drives our research and product creation.
We believe keeping skin looking young and healthy, repairing skin damage, and reducing skin problems are the key. Thus, our formulations  contain AC-11™ as well as carefully crafted high-performance natural ingredients. 
The research data for AC-11™ shows:
  • DNA repair up to 73%
  • Cell death reduced up to 95%
  • Type 3 Collagen increased 1.5-fold
Our Mission
Repair your skin based on scientific principles, not fragrances or flashy packaging.
Control the signs of aging and stay beautiful and confident with Swissvita.
Why Aluminum Sealed Packaging?
We use aluminum sealed packaging, not plastic, to minimize the risk of contamination. This not only ensures you receive a quality product, but it also helps maintain the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Swissvita adheres to the strictest standards for product safety testing and works with SGS to ensure that every product meets these standards and is guaranteed safe for use. Some of these tests include:
  • Ensuring that packaging is sealed to eliminate the risk of air or ingredient contamination.
  • Verifying that packaging is non-corrosive to maintain active ingredient efficacy.
  • Guaranteeing that packaging can withstand high temperatures.
Our products are free of additives, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and sulfates.


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