Stop Aging With These 3 Tips When You're in Your 30s

by Swissvita Skin Lab January 24, 2017

Stop Aging With These 3 Tips When You're in Your 30s

“Magic In a Tube” – The Revolutionizing Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Line That Truly Slows Aging!

With Powerful Wrinkle-Repairing Ingredients, Directly from the Amazonian Rainforest!

If you are in your 30s, chances are you have already started to notice the first signs of aging, being the result of a number of factors, such as stress, pollution or hormonal swings (due to age, pregnancy or medications). But this doesn’t mean you should despair! On the contrary, now is the perfect time to start taking your skin care seriously and invest in a powerful, anti-wrinkle skin care line!

Upgrade Your Daily Skin Care Routine and Offer Your Skin the Attention It Deserves!

So what should you do?

Three simple steps that will transform your skin from the inside out!

1. Exfoliate regularly

Instead of using a regular facial scrub that will only polish away dry cells on the surface, choose an efficient exfoliating acid serum (like glycolic, lactic or salicylic) to help dissolve pigmented cells, refine large pores and keep the skin looking smooth, clear and even-toned. You should also use a dark spot corrector for those tough-to-remove acne scar spots, sun spots... etc.

2. Don’t leave the house without your sunscreen on

Are you tired of using sunscreens that cause breakouts and irritations? Go for a lightweight sunscreen containing zinc oxide that will work best for your skin and never leave the house without your sun protection on, as exposure to daylight is the number one cause of visible, premature skin aging. 

3. Invest in a powerful eye cream today and reap stunning beauty results tomorrow!

Last, but not least, invest in the most powerful weapon against aging - a good eye cream, containing wrinkle-repairing ingredients to improve and correct the appearance of dryness, fatigue and expression lines.  

Our suggestion? Swissvita Eye Cream with AC-11, a unique, anti-aging ingredient, officially approved by the FDA to repair DNA!

Finally! An Eye Cream That Delivers On Its Promises!

After more than 30 years of research in the Amazon region of South America, Dr. Ronald W. Pero Ph.D., a university professor emeritus and expert in the fields of human biochemistry and DNA research managed to come up with a unique and groundbreaking skin repair formula, containing a powerful ingredient, called AC-11, which is able to activate special enzymes that assist in the skin’s natural ability to repair DNA, thus significantly slowing down the aging process!

AC-11 has a powerful wrinkle repair action that promises visible results.  Deep wrinkles become softer, fine lines and dark, under eye circles disappear, while the eyes regain their youthful look and natural healthy glow!

No wonder it has been called “Magic In a Tube”!

Waste no more time! Try it yourself and prepare to be amazed by the incredible results that thousands of our customers have already got!


Try  Swissvita Skincare Line Today and Feel the Difference!

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Swissvita Skin Lab
Swissvita Skin Lab

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